Garden Vinyl Jewelry

Goodday Fence is proud to offer our customers an exclusive line of quality Illusions Fence vinyl products for the garden. Choose from our garden accessories to complete your outdoor living space. Our PVC “Garden Jewelry” line provides customers with distinguished taste and an elegant alternative to wood or metal garden options.

You can add a color to your yard, garden or accent to an entrance way. Using our Illusion vinyl Arbors, Pergolas or the beautiful 8″ x 8″ Illusions Majestic Vinyl Post to give it the “Majestic Entrance”. The elegant and simple lines of the Illusions Vinyl “Garden Jewels”  are a perfect accent to your landscape.


Click here to view the Illusions Arbor.

Click here to view the Illusions Pergolas.

Click here to view the elegant majestic posts.


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