All New! Color and Woodgrain Vinyl Fence

Color Vinyl Fence and Woodgrain Vinyl fence are now available through the amazing new Grand Illusions Series. View the Gallery below!

Designed with the sole purpose of allowing your creativity to flow, Illusions® Vinyl Fence’s Grand Illusions Color SpectrumTM (Patent Pending) and Grand Illusions Vinyl Woodbond Series (Patent Pending) of color and Woodgrain Vinyl Products are the next step in the evolution of a product.

Never before has this been done with such a grand degree of choices. With 35 principal colors, completely lifelike woodgrains, and the ability to match any color of your choosing, you now have the perfect solution for your fence, railing, or decking. Landscape, Estate, and Vinyl WoodBondTM Series all have a low gloss matte finish. Imagine yourself painting your house tan with a plum trim and burgundy accents. Now you can Mix ‘n’ MatchTM your Illusions® Vinyl Fence with Burgundy Rails, Vintage Wine Posts and Tan Pickets. The
possibilities are endless!

Features are:

  • 35 Principal Color Choices
  • Completely Lifelike Woodgrains
  • Low Gloss Matte Finish
  • Available in All Styles
  • Mix ‘n’ MatchTM Color Capability
  • Match or Create Your Own Colors
  • Pre-Assembled Panels


Click here to view the Grand Illusions Color Spectrum Catalog