Magnetic Safety Gate Latch

“Every year, worldwide, hundreds of children drown needlessly in backyard swimming pools. Thousands more suffer permanent brain damage as a result of pool submersion. What’s worse is that these tragedies are preventable, which is why we are determined to do something about it.

We are pleased to sell the award-winning Magna-Latch because  of its magnetic technology and brillant design makes it superior to existing latching devices. By installing a Magna-Latch to your pool gate and other child safety areas – you will have taken a major step towards safeguarding your child and enhancing your peace of mind.

The Top Pull Model is designed especially for swimming pool gates but can be installed on any gate where child safety is important.  It is designed to extend above the height of the fence to keep the release knob out of reach of children, and is also key-lockable for added safety.

Will work on most new or existing gates and any gate material, like wood, metal, vinyl and chainlink.

Available in Black or White, Small or Large. There is also a “Round post Adapter kit” which is an optional kit for mounting the magna latches to gates and fences with round posts. Call us for pricing!