**NEW** Now a carrier of temporary fence!

Good Day has now begun our own line of temporary fence! We have enjoyed servicing Long Island with our variety of fences and look forward to expanding the ways in which we could service the area. We look forward to working with you to help protect your area with our temporary fence. Please contact our […]

Magnetic Safety Gate Latch

“Every year, worldwide, hundreds of children drown needlessly in backyard swimming pools. Thousands more suffer permanent brain damage as a result of pool submersion. What’s worse is that these tragedies are preventable, which is why we are determined to do something about it. We are pleased to sell the award-winning Magna-Latch because  of its magnetic […]

All New! Color and Woodgrain Vinyl Fence

Color Vinyl Fence and Woodgrain Vinyl fence are now available through the amazing new Grand Illusions Series. View the Gallery below! Designed with the sole purpose of allowing your creativity to flow, Illusions® Vinyl Fence’s Grand Illusions Color SpectrumTM (Patent Pending) and Grand Illusions Vinyl Woodbond Series (Patent Pending) of color and Woodgrain Vinyl Products […]

PenPal Dog Kennel

A kennel can be a great way to get your dog more exercise and outdoor time. A sturdy enclosure both prevents runaways and protects your pet from other animals. Dog runs or kennels are generally made out of chain link wire with galvanized pipe as they need to be strong enough to keep a dog […]

Learning about Wood Fence

Learn more about the wood fence sections that you will be getting for your home. Wood is the most versatile material for building a fence, wood has been used for fencing for centuries all around the world and is the most common material used for fencing today. Although wood fencing has a limited life and requires maintenance.

Garden Vinyl Jewelry

Goodday Fence is proud to offer our customers an exclusive line of quality Illusions Fence vinyl products for the garden. Choose from our garden accessories to complete your outdoor living space. Our PVC “Garden Jewelry” line provides customers with distinguished taste and an elegant alternative to wood or metal garden options. You can add a […]


Our wood products include top quality products in any style you can imagine.  We are your custom wood shop and we carry a full line of Spruce stockade, Cedar Post & Rail and all the accessories you need to complete any job. Cedar wood has been used and proven locally as the best wood for […]

100% Pure Vinyl Virgin Fence

Vinyl fence is a low maintenance, long lasting fencing solution that is increasing in popularity. We offer a variety of styles of vinyl fencing that suit many different needs are both attractive and durable. Vinyl tends to be slightly more expensive than wooden fence however the benefit is that it lasts nearly twice as long and can maintain a clean look if it is properly maintained.


Give your projects the charm of “old wrought iron” with greatly enhanced performance. We now offer and install wrought iron and pipe rails, staircases, structural steel, flitch pates, angle iron, lally columns, window guards, ladders, beams. We also do aluminum pipe rails. As well as Rust-proofing and powder coating of wrought iron railings. We also have […]

How to Avoid Poor Quality Product Pitfalls

Is it 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl? Did you know that a poor quality fence will start to disintegrate, lose color, and snap off at the base? It doesn’t matter if the bottom rail is fat, skinny, or has a thin piece of metal reinforcement. Unless it is a guaranteed, certified, and tie tested quality virgin […]